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Mourinho ingin pemain United dari’comfort zone’

Manajer Manchester United Jose Mourinho mempertanyakan mentalitas beberapa pemainnya, meminta mereka untuk keluar dari “zona nyaman” mereka.

Meskipun 14 pertandingan tak terkalahkan di Liga Premier, tiga berturut-turut menarik telah meninggalkan Inggris duduk keenam dalam tabel, empat poin kembali dari Liga Champions tempat kualifikasi final.

Mourinho telah kritis dari anggota skuadnya di seluruh kampanye, Portugis mengaku mereka mengambil lebih lama dari yang diharapkan untuk beradaptasi dengan tuntutannya.

“Aku tidak tahu para pemain sangat baik. Aku tidak tahu bahwa beberapa pemain membutuhkan waktu untuk hidup dengan ini, karena harus menjadi bagian dari habitat alami Anda,” dia seperti dikutip di media UK.

“Bermain untuk menang, tanggung jawab untuk menang, mengatasi tekanan untuk menang. Ini adalah sesuatu yang harus milik habitat alami Anda. Untuk beberapa orang, tidak.

“Mereka juga perlu waktu itu untuk pergi keluar dari zona kenyamanan mereka atau zona di mana mereka dilindungi yang kita asumsikan tujuannya bukan untuk menang, yang juga membutuhkan waktu.”

Mourinho, yang timnya mengunjungi Leicester City di liga pada hari Minggu, terasa lapar sendiri untuk sukses tidak pernah berubah, mengutip harapan terus menerus perbaikan dari dirinya dan pemainnya.

“Sesuatu dalam sepak bola yang tidak berubah, terutama dalam mentalitas saya, adalah keinginan untuk menang, tanggung jawab untuk menang, perasaan bahwa aku tidak pernah senang dengan diri saya sendiri, bahwa saya selalu ingin lebih dari diriku sendiri,” kata Mourinho.

“Saya tidak menerima apa-apa yang baik. Anda tidak ingin baik, Anda ingin sangat baik.

“Itu adalah sesuatu yang saya selalu berjuang untuk setiap hari untuk orang-orang yang mengelilingi saya -. Pemain, asisten, departemen kesehatan, semua orang”

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Note this before Game Download Poker

Note this before Game Download Poker

For those who like to play poker and want to play at any time, download the poker game is the right choice. By downloading the poker game that you like, you can play at any time without having to open the official site of the poker game. Application usually appear as icons on a computer, laptop or mobile phone, and can be clicked directly if you want to be playing.

Types of poker games that can be clicked also vary, but the most downloaded usually are Texas Holdem Poker, although there are others such as 21 Stud and Omaha. Anyway, whichever you like to play, you can find on the internet. However, since the game of poker a good assortment which uses betting real money or not, you should notice a few things before downloading the poker game.

Can You Do Deposits and Withdrawals?

If you want to download a poker game in which the game is meant is the game for money, make sure first that the game is able to conduct transactions, in the sense that there will not be obstacles if you want to perform transactions such as deposits and withdrawals (withdraw). Depending on which country you want to download the game, sometimes you have to pay attention to models of transactions carried out by the poker site.

For example, in the United States, many people who have experienced problems when trying to make transactions over money games they use to bet it can not be cashed. This is because, in many states, even though technically they are not forbidden to download and play poker with real money bets, when transactions may be problematic (eg ‘money game’ is used it can not be redeemed). Therefore, make sure the site where you want to download the game of poker is never a problem with the transaction.

It is not just about technical issues, but also honesty manager poker gaming site where you download it. Has there ever been any complaints from other players about honesty deal here? If there is no problem, feel free to download.

Want to bet Wear or Not?

There are two types of options when you want to download a poker game; there that allow you to play for money and there are only providing games to just have fun. This last option there are plenty and is even available for a variety of platforms such as PC, Mac, Android, Samsung and so on. Meanwhile, for the first option, by far the largest platform with the most sophisticated system is PC. Many agencies are already providing poker games for Mac, but not as much as the PC.

You must know what you will get when trying to download a poker game. For example, if you download the game is no facility betting money, it means you have to download game software onto your computer system and then turn on internet each time to play, so you can play with a fellow member using a count of the actual time (real time). Conversely, if only to play without betting, of course you have to play against bots.

Each also has a payload capacity and different, so make sure your computer has sufficient capacity to accommodate the poker game software.

What are the Requirements The system?

And a visual display system that brought particular poker game site managers are very advanced, so it may require a more complicated system requirements than Intel Premium operating system and a PC, for example. Some poker game download sites may require a specific version of Java to be able to play a variety of software features in the poker game, or a specific version of the Intel and Windows.

If you have a Mac, you should consider whether there is a difference between operating in the PC and Mac (if the poker game available for both). For example, there may be a feature that can not be played by Mac while the PC can, although pokernya game itself may be played also in a computer with Mac systems. Do not until you’ve already spent the time and computer memory to download a poker software, before realizing that the poker game it can not be played on your computer because the system requirements unfulfilled.

Are you US-Based Poker?

If you live in the United States and listed as a United States-based player, you may be quite difficult to be able to download the poker games, especially if the game uses real money bets. This is because the shrimp federal laws in the United States have fairly strict rules regarding money transactions on the internet for poker games and the like are included gambling.

So, if you include players based in

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