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Thompson Praises Career Performance

Thompson Praises Career Performance

Former Liverpool player Phil Thompson gave praise to the German goalkeeper Loris Karius Situs Judi Bola.

That’s because Thompson judge Karius has been keeping the Reds goal well when reaching the 1-1 draw at Spartak Moscow, Otykytiye Arena.

According to Thompson, it is not easy to keep one of England’s giants like Liverpool well against a team as strong as Spartak.

Despite reaching the draw, Thompson thinks it is not bad. That’s because still get points.

Thompson said “I saw Karius playing extraordinarily during the Spartak game.”

“Spartak played aggressively. Of course not easy to keep the club classmate Liverpool. And I hope Liverpool continue to be optimistic in the Champions League. “

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MU Miss Opportunity Recruit Successor Zidane

MU Miss Opportunity Recruit Successor Zidane

Manchester United (MU) missed a chance to recruit Franck Ribery. The Red Devils took the stance in 2006, the year when Ribery caught the world’s attention as Zinedine Zidane’s successor.

Is Alex Ferguson who decided MU did not need Ribery.

He views it after watching the Frenchman directly when defending Olympique Marseille in the game against Bolton Wanderers in the UEFA Cup.

“Alex sees Ribery, but at halftime he decided Ribery is not good enough for Manchester United,” Alastair Campbell, who accompanied Ferguson at the moment, wrote in his column in The Times.

Ribery survives in Marseille a year away before accepting Bayern Munich’s proposal. Until now he still defends the Bavarian club. He has played 361 matches and scored 112 goals.

Even so, Ribery was rumored to be anchored at Old Trafford when MU looking for a replacement Cristiano Ronaldo sold to Real Madrid in 2009.

“At that time all the big clubs wanted me: Inter Milan, AC Milan, Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid, Juventus, MU But I am happy the club convinced me to stay I have won everything here My family is living in Munich” said Ribery.

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Montella Admits Wants Dybala

Montella Admits Wants Dybala

AC Milan coach Vincenzo Montella commented on Antonio Cassano’s statement comparing himself with current Juventus star Paulo Dybala.

“Dybala is more like Montella than Messi,” Cassano said a few days ago.

Speaking to the media, Montella says that she used to be a player similar to Dybala.

“I’ve known Dybala for a long time. When I became manager of Catania, the director of the football club told me that there was a player similar to me and he was talking about Dybala. We want to sign him but he moved to Palermo instead. ”

Dybala joined rosanero in the summer of 2012 from Instituto de Cordoba. Dybala then scored 21 goals in 93 matches for Palermo before moving to Juventus in 2015 for 40 million Euros.

In his third year at the Turin giants, Dybala has scored 53 goals in 100 appearances.

Now the 23-year-old player is being seriously targeted by some big European clubs.

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Silva’s Future Is Still Unclear

Silva’s Future Is Still Unclear

Leicester City’s tactical interpreter Craig Shakespeare has made it clear that Adrien Silva’s move is still in the process Dadu Online.

Not officially the uniformed players of The Foxes for 22 million Pounds, because the two new clubs found the agreement reached when the closing close of the transfer market. Where to make his documents from Sproting Lisbon to the King Power stadium was held temporarily.

Although not yet clear, but Shakespeare will continue to pursue the next 48 hours for the 28-year-old player could legitimately strengthen his team in the Premier League competition match at Huddersfield Town weekend.

“Unfortunately this is still a sustainable process,” Craig Shakespeare told the media.

“I have to say that he is available but as I say from the pandanus point of football we are still waiting for the legal department.

“So I am waiting for the latest news and hopefully I can get it within 24-48 hours ahead.”

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Results of League 1, PSM Conquered PS TNI, Barito Putera Bungkam Sriwijaya FC

Results of League 1, PSM Conquered PS TNI, Barito Putera Bungkam Sriwijaya FC

PSM Makassar back to the top three standings of League 1 after frustrating the PS TNI with a score of 4-1 at the Stadio Andi Mattalatta, Makassar, Sunday (10/09/2017) afternoon hrs.

The 23rd week of the League 1 party runs in tempo at the beginning of the first half.

PS TNI creates experiments towards the PSM goal first. However, the free kick Manahati Lestusen still leads into the arms of goalkeeper Rivki Mokodompit.

Jolted, PSM Makassar began to intensify the attack. In the 15th minute, a long distance free kick just hit the crossbar PS TNI.

PSM began to dominate control of the ball and forced PS TNI to survive.

Striker Pavel Purishkin spread the threat. Continuing a cross from Washiat Hasbullah, the Uzbekistan kick was still bouncing.

A few minutes later, Pavel successfully netted the goal of PS TNI.

He outwitted one opponent before kicking hard into the right side of the goal and failed to deny goalkeeper Dhika Bhayangkara.

Do not want to miss, Ferdinand Sinaga doubled the advantage of PSM to 2-0 in the final minutes of the first half.

Winning two goals, PSM did not loosen the attack early in the second half.

PS TNI was still difficult to penetrate the wall that was built behind PSM.

PSM increasingly difficult to overtaken after Hamka Hamzah scored the third goal for his team in the 71st minute.

Utilizing a corner kick into the near pole executed by Marc Klok, the ball was changed direction by Ferdinand via the head before Hamka passed on to the PS PS goal.

Toward the end of the game, PS TNI midfielder, Wawan Febrianto, had time to reduce the score in the 86th minute.

Ferdinand became a star in this fight through both goals are at once sealed victory PSM in minute 90th minute.

With this additional full points, PSM shifts Persipura in third place with 42 points.

Meanwhile, PS TNI failed to break the negative trend of never winning in six recent matches (five loses and one draw).

As a result, Ivan Kolev’s landing squad is stuck in the order of 15 alias a strip above the relegation zone with 26 points.

Meanwhile, in the other match, host Barito Putera managed to conquer Sriwijaya FC with a score of 2-0.

Host winning goal scored by Hansamu Yama in the 17th minute and Douglas (45 + 1).

The result of the match

PSM Makassar 4-1 PS TNI (Pavel Purishkin 36 ‘, Ferdinand Sinaga 45’, 90 ‘, Hamka Hamzah 71’; Wawan Febrianto 86 ‘)

The arrangement of the starter

PSM (4-4-2): 20-Rivki Mokodompit; 5-Reva Adi Utama, 23-Hamka Hamzah, 86-Steven Paulle, 4-Wasyiat Hasbullah; 10-Marc Klok, 19-Rizky Pellu, 80-Willem jan Pluim, 11-M Grace; 3-Ferdinand Sinaga, 99-Pavel Purishkin

Coach: Robert Rene Alberts

PS TNI (4-5-1): 18-Dhika Bhayangkara; 3-Abduh Lestaluhu, 11-Franklin Anzite, 97-Andy Setyo, 55-Manahati Lestusen; 20-Redouane Zerzouri, 28- M Kasim Slamat, 23- Wawan Febrianto, 37-Agil Munawar, 88-Safrial Irfandi; 12-Erwin Ramdani

Coach: Ivan Kolev

Referee: Musthofa Umarella (Jakarta).

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Hughes Beware Romelu Lukaku

Hughes Beware Romelu Lukaku

Stoke City coach, Mark Hughes, has now been wary of the movements of Manchester United striker Romelu Lukaku.

Saturday night later, in the continued Premier League competition, Stoke will face Jose Mourinho’s team, Manchester United.

According to Hughes, the Belgian bomber is currently in his best performance and considers him a dangerous player.

Hughes has a hope of defense The Potters are able to block against attacks from the Red Devil.

Despite facing United’s tough club, Hughes, claimed to remain optimistic to achieve victory in front of thousands of fans.

Hughes says “United? Of course they are a tough club and have a lot of dangerous players. ”

“Surely the most dangerous is Lukaku. He is in his best form. ”

“For that I want the defenders to block my Luke.”

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Wenger: Arsenal Need Fans Support

Wenger: Arsenal Need Fans Support

French coach, Arsene Wenger, judge that his club Arsenal desperately need the support of his fans Agen Bola Sbobet.

The Gunners are now past the start of the season with a very bad that suffered a 0-4 defeat at Liverpool, Anfield, on Sunday.

Despite suffering a landslide defeat from the Reds, Wenger hopes his fans never to stop giving spirit to Arsenal.

Wenger thinks if fans continue to support Arsenal, then of course will make the child care back to have the spirit to live the English League competition.

In an interview, Wenger said “I think Arsenal still desperately needs the support of fans.”

“Fans are a very important part to Arsenal’s success.”

“Although we suffered a defeat at the start of the season from Liverpool, that does not mean we are discouraged.”

“I want fans to continue to give spirit to Arsenal. Because fans are the key to our success in every game. “

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Memenangkan Trik saya Gunakan Dan Win

Memenangkan Trik saya Gunakan Dan Win

Saya komedi untuk Hiburan saja, tapi ada yang mengaku arena dan aktualitas mampu menjatuhkan $ 50, atau $ 25, kembali mendapatkan keteguhan dalam komedi untuk bayi massal I deposito.

Saya tambahan menerima Aturan saya sendiri diatur dalam tempat tinggal untuk bermain, dan itu adalah untuk kas keluar terkejut saya maju agen sbobet casino , menerimanya ceria untuk Neteller saya, sekali lagi itu memberi saya uang untuk menjatuhkan di (bermain dengan cara yang tepat tersebut) menambahkan kasino, lagi menggemakan apa yang saya lakukan di kasino 1. Juga, itu memberi saya uang untuk mencapai menambahkan penawaran dengan mengakuisisi menambahkan GG untuk komedi di.

Pertama, tidak ada urusan seperti taruhan TINGGI, dan Taruhan Max per putaran. TIDAK TIDAK TIDAK !!!!!!

Bet masuk akal, bertaruh kecil, memukul berlimpah menambahkan kemenangan abate, biarkan mereka tubuh up, sekali lagi uang kertas out- Ya-OUT KAS.

Saya komedi 99% dari waktu di Micro Gaming kasino karena cara saya arena berjalan sebenarnya jauh, dan saya uang kertas keluar sirkadian anatomi # 300 untuk 1k, kadang-kadang lebih.

The terbelakang 4 hari, di tengah penawaran dilakukan (2) dan deposito di FL kasino, aku menyerap saja $ 50 uang saya sendiri untuk memulai, Semua pukulan itu dari prestasi di kasino 1. Aku menguangkan keluar atas 4k pada mereka 4 hari, dan masih menerima $$ di 3 komedi kasino untuk ditambahkan setelah minggu ini.

Tidak ada waktu yang tepat untuk bermain, karena saya menang dan kongenital prestasi ini selama berbagai macam kali dari hari / minggu / akhir pekan. Jadi, yang ada cara dimasukkan ke dalam cara saya bermain.

Amatir saya mulai dengan cara saya bekerja yang terbaik adalah:

ISIS, Dolphins Tale, Dynamite, Loaded, Halo sosis, dan Thunderstruck. (Agar)


1. Comedy semua lini. (Yaitu 15/20/25/30/40 kurva tergantung pada slot).

2. Komedi pada 1 (satu) persen per baris. (Atau 2 sen jika berani).

Jadilah di Pendekatan EXPERT ditetapkan pada 100 atau ditambahkan berputar dalam mode auto.

3. Bill per baris: (I komedi 1 roti per baris) kadang-kadang terkejut saya bifold saya drop di kemenangan, sekali lagi saya pergi ke 2 tagihan per Band taruhan.


ISIS slot 25 Band, jadi saya berani bertaruh per rangkaian dari aperture sendirian 25 sen x 100 atau ditambahkan berputar.

Berikut ini adalah kunci untuk mengakui diterima di permainan ini.

KEY = chargeless Circuit Fitur = Dalam Dolphins Tale dan Loaded, dan yang terbaik setelah-efek untuk menerima pembayaran lebih besar adalah dengan penjatahan 25 berputar di Dolphins Tale, dan 25 berputar di Loaded .. Mengapa?

Aku memukul menambahkan agraria simbol x5 atau 5 dari pemusnahan di pilihan ini memberikan Anda kemenangan otomatis dari mana saja dari $ 25 sampai $ 680 untuk menyendiri bahwa 1 spin, lagi Anda menerima semua berputar sebenarnya untuk pergi dan memenangkan lebih banyak.

Ketika saya prestasi semua chargeless berputar, jika saya mutlak adalah lebih dari $ 200, saya pergi ke peti dan uang kertas keluar 1/2 dari apa yang saya menang, sekali lagi pengakuan untuk game tersebut.

Casanova memainkan cara tersebut. Aku menarik di tambah amatir dan memperparah ini, dan itu bekerja dengan salah satu amatir Saya menerima disetujui sejauh ini.

Percayalah terkejut saya mengatakan saya menerima arena disetujui pada Max bet, max $$, dan saya absen begitu cepat, tapi saat aku pergi terkejut untuk cara ini bermain, saya menang, dan saya bawaan itu terkejut sampai ke daerah saya. Jadi, komedi mereda untuk keteguhan dalam bermain.

cara ini bisa menang dari Bonus $ 10 menang dari kenyataan di, karena saya menguangkan keluar 1k dari kemenangan $ 10 dari sini …

Bermain cara ini saya menerima memainkan 3 hari yg paling panas dan menguangkan keluar lebih dari $ 500, dan masih larboard $ 152 untuk komedi nanti. (Masih di kasino).


Baik LUCK untuk Anda

WIN BIG, tetapi menambahkan penting, menerima menyenangkan …

Scratchers2u / john kecil

Sekarang, saya menguji alat komedi di tambah kasino seperti Cabai dan lain-lain untuk akuisisi sarana diakses diterima di sana juga.

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Dani Alves: Jika ada yang bisa kembali, IT’S mesin Barcelona

Dani Alves percaya “mesin” Barcelona adalah mampu menghasilkan perubahan yang menakjubkan di Liga Champions terakhir-16 dasi dengan Paris Saint-Germain.

sisi Luis Enrique yang meronta-ronta 4-0 di ibukota Perancis pada hari Selasa untuk meninggalkan harapan mereka mencapai perempat final untuk musim ke-10 di gantung berturut-turut oleh benang.

Sifat hambar layar Barca – dan kurangnya gol tandang – dalam apa yang kalah bersama-terberat mereka dalam kompetisi tersisa bahkan Neymar mengakui bahwa peluang mereka membalikkan defisit di leg kedua di Camp Nou yang terpencil.

Tapi Dani Alves, yang mengangkat trofi tiga kali dalam karir Barca berkilauan, tidak menganggap tugas untuk menjadi harapan.

“Ini sangat sulit untuk kembali, bukan karena Barca tidak bisa tetapi karena kualitas lawan-lawan mereka,” kata Juventus full-back Sport. “Mereka menekan, mereka tidak membiarkan Anda bermain.

“Saya selalu ingin mereka lakukan dengan sebaik-baiknya. Dalam sepak bola, apa pun bisa terjadi. Kalau ada yang bisa menghasilkan cerdas, itu adalah mesin Barca.”

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a Ulang Tahun anak Cavani Revels dalam kemenangan’special’

Edinson Cavani bersukaria di Paris Saint-Germain menandai ulang tahun 30 dengan “khusus” berdebar 4-0 dari Barcelona pada hari Selasa.

PSG mengambil langkah besar menuju Liga Champions perempat final dengan kemenangan meyakinkan di leg pertama 16 besar dasi.

Cavani dibulatkan skor setelah ganda dari Angel Di Maria judi togel online – juga merayakan ulang tahunnya – terjepit gol dari Julian Draxler.

Uruguay internasional menikmati kesempatan itu, tapi dengan cepat menunjukkan bahwa PSG tidak bisa kehilangan fokus pada urusan rumah tangga.

Selama empat musim saya telah di Paris dan kami telah memainkan beberapa pertandingan besar, tapi kemenangan ini memiliki rasa yang agak khusus karena arti dari hari ini bagi saya,” kata Cavani Bein Olahraga.

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