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Guardiola happy Manchester City now have ‘Fergie Time’

Guardiola happy Manchester City now have ‘Fergie Time’

Fergie Time term that describes the victory through goals in the last minute and closely with Manchester United, now start also ‘contagious’ to Manchester City. City manager, Pep Guardiola, did not mind that Agen piala dunia 2018.

While still ditukangi by Sir Alex Ferguson up to 2012/2013, MU is known as the Premier League ruling team with a mental champion topnotch. Able to reach three points despite playing badly in a game so attached to the Red Devils and not infrequently also a new victory can be achieved when the game is almost over. Because of ‘supernatural’ Ferguson’s dramatic victory-MU victory is often referred to as a tuah from Fergie Time.

But in 2017/2018 MU seems to be willingly their identity taken over by City. In this season quite a lot of victories The new Citizens can be ascertained in the last minute such as against Feyenoord Rotterdam (1-0), Huddersfield Town (1-2), Southampton (2-1), and West Ham United (2-1 ).

Pep who began to be familiar with the term Fergie Time for his team felt just enjoy it. But he insisted if the victory in these critical moments is achieved because the foster children are deadly chasing three points.

“I’ve been with it, about Fergie Time. What we show in the last few parties is we never give up, “said Pep after the game counter West Ham in Etihad ago.

“I think it (victory in the final minutes) also happens because the opponent was already thinking to target a draw. But I do not want to judge them for that. Do not think I do not like them because of that, ”

“Against Huddresfield the problem we got more (than when we met West Ham). Five-six players swarmed and were not hooked out. If we can indeed benefit from Fergie Time then it is accepted here. It’s an honor, “added the Spanish passport manager.

With victory over West Ham City is now still firmly entrenched in the top of the Premier League standings with 43 points. Underneath there is United with an eight-point margin and will be the opponent in the upcoming 16th week. (Source: ESPN FC)


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